Golden Hill AgriTech Company Limited is one of the companies of Super Seven Stars Group in Myanmar. It is a leading Agri-business company and performing agricultural services to increase profitability of farmers in Myanmar.
We are providing as follows:

  • innovative and updated agricultural technologies to be aware of global agricultural standards among indigenous farmers
  • different kinds of safety quality “Myanmar Branded” agricultural products (fresh and processed) to our customers all over the world.

Currently, we work closely with farmers from Shan State, Kayah State and Central Dry Zone in Myanmar.

Our Mission

“To create ‘Myanmar Branded’ safety and quality agricultural products for the consumers towards healthy and happy life”


The Objectives of our company

  1. To produce and distribute safety value added agricultural products around the world
  2. To create “Sustainable Markets” of “Myanmar Branded” safety and quality agricultural products
  3. To create “win-win situation” among the consumers, producers and all stakeholders along the value chain in order to be business sustainability in long run


The main performances of our company consist of ‘contract farming’, ‘importing good quality seeds’ ‘exporting safety and quality agricultural products’ and ‘linking with potential markets’ for our farmers to ensure profitability.

Through our website, we are delivering required information on the management of different kinds of crops (from land preparation to harvest) as well as market information for our farmers. Moreover, we do market research, observe consumer preferences and consumer awareness on our quality and safety products in order to be product development for our consumers.


CONTACT Golden Hill Agritech



No(3), Yadana Road, Mi Chaung Kan (3) Quarter, Thingangyun Township Yangon, 11071


(319) 555-0115