A powerful Korean symbol of technology and design, KIA has been one of our most successful car brand in Myanmar. A brand that has stood the test of time and one of Korea’s most famous brands, which ranked 1st position for small car, compact car, minivan to small SUV and amongst the top 3 ranking from compact premium mid size car to mid size SUV (by JD Power 2019) KIA is proudly assembled in our very own facilities here in Myanmar. We currently assemble from SKD a variety of models: Optima, Sportage, Sorento, Picanto, Rio and Carens, suitable for the road and climate conditions in Myanmar. In the future, we plan to expand the product line with more options for our clients who wish to upgrade their vehicle or to purchase a second car. KIA is a fun and dynamic brand, and our product line targets from anyone looking for a compact urban car, to tackle the city traffic and squeeze in a narrow parking space to anyone looking for luxury comfortable Suburban vehicles (SUV), to conquer the suburban. With superior interior comfort, suitably large storage space and bespoke upgrades, our KIA cars have been one of the most successful car brands in Myanmar. For full specifications, promotions or after-sales support, please contact us today!

KIA assembly facility:
- Established in 2008, covers 6.4 hectares
- SKD & CKD Ready
- 6,000+ capacity
- Employs 160+ staff

KIA showroom:
- Opened in 2013, the first new car showroom in Myanmar
- Its 4,000 sqm comfortably display 10+ cars

KIA service center:
- Opened in 2013
- Completes over 1,000 jobs per month in its 13 bays

KIA pre-owned:
- Opened in 2019
- Up to 20 vehicles on display