BOURBON partners with PEUGEOT Design Lab to design new cabins for its Crew boats

Bourbon Mobility, leader in offshore personel transport, proposes services inspired by the aviation industry for its customers. Future cabins will be developed in a range of 3 levels of comfort: “Business Class”, “Premium” and “Eco”. Bourbon Mobility called on the expertise of the PEUGEOT Design Lab for the design of the new cabins. Designers created a cabin layout that guarantees optimal safety, “VIP” comfort seats and ergonomic storage. The first “Business Class” cabin will be operational in mid-2020.

Designers at the PEUGEOT Design Lab carefully chose every detail of the future Bourbon Mobility cabins.

Passengers will benefit from increased safety. Seats include handles, making it easier for passengers to move about the cabin in rough seas. Large aisles encourage a smooth flow of traffic. Two large screens display safety messages. Life vests are visible and easily accessible.

The comfort is similar to “Business Class” in a constrained offshore environment. Seats are equipped with vertical supports, deep headrests and calf rests. Cushions reduce vibrations from the vessel. Seats recline significantly, leaving significant legroom. Large windows allow for increased brightness.

Every detail is ergonomic. Closed storage and lighting are located in the ceiling of the cabin. A tablet stand and USB plug on the back of each chair allows passengers to enjoy WiFi and new various entertainment services, offered to passengers on demand.

The visual identity of the cabin is highlighted by warm, light wood and smooth metal. The use of light and dark blue is a nod to the high seas.

“We want to establish new standards of comfort for offshore personnel transport inspired by the aviation industry. Our future cabins will be developed in a range of 3 levels of comfort: “Business Class”, “Premium” and “Eco”, so as to offer a new passenger experience onboard. We have chosen PEUGEOT Design Lab for its expertise in Brand Identity, interior Design and Industrial development, particularly in the fields of the maritime and transport industries, as we want to assert Bourbon Mobility services as an alternative to helicopter transport: safer, more reliable, more comfortable and cost-efficient” said François Lesle, CEO of Bourbon Mobility.

“Similar to the research PEUGEOT conducted to reinvent the interior of its latest models, we wanted to improve user experience for Bourbon Mobility passengers. Passengers will be pampered with ergonomic storage and “comfort fit” seats that are both soft and supportive, as well as the high-quality materials and assembly. These key design elements will be the signature identity of the future cabins”, said Arnault Gournac, Director of the PEUGEOT Design Lab.

The first prototype of a long distance “Crewliner” vessel (36 metres) equipped with a “Business Class” cabin for 46 passengers will be delivered in early 2020. The future cabins will be built directly onto existing vessels  in a “plug & play” mode, along the way from mid-2020.