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SSS / Cost Management & Business Planning Manager

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Cost Management & Business Planning Manager

Full Time


  • This position analyses all cost and expense components; tax and duties elements in addition to the vehicular cost to advise COO and stakeholders on the optimal costing and pricing position of all automotive products, models, variants and services.
  • Keep close liaison with the government and authorities to be abreast of all industry related developments, announcement and impacts on our costs and prices.
  • Track currency fluctuations and monitor price changes from creditors, contractors, suppliers, vendors, agencies, payable and receivable pertaining to all vehicular shipment orders, taking into account the viability of the business operations and advise COO and stakeholders on any operational implications.
  • Have good exposure to automotive planning and relatable experience in business financing and P&L accounting to track and measure the financial KPIs, business health and performance of each entities.
  • Keep close monitor and understanding of the market and competitors pricing position, sales promotion and campaigns and retail package to make timely and strategic pricing proposals.


  • Proven experience as a Planning specialist or automotive data analyst
  • Experience in the financial sector with previous possible roles such as planning specialist or automotive data analyst
  • Extensive understanding of automotive trends both within the company and general market patterns
  • Proficient user of automotive relevant software
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and presentation skills
  • Able to manage, guide and lead employees to ensure appropriate data analysis processes are being used
  • A solid understanding of data statistics
  • Working knowledge of all statutory legislation and regulations
  • Any graduated